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By: Kevin Statham


Samuel Statham

Date of Birth 12th November 1824 Spouse
Place of Birth Rusholme (Ardwick), Manchester Child #1
Date of Death 25th September 1902 Child #2
Place of Death Wellsville, Cache County Child #3 Mary Elizabeth b.1859
Child #4 Thomas Peter b.1862
Father's Name Child #5 Joseph William (b.1865)
Mother's Name Child #6 James Edward (b.1868)
Brother's #1 Child #7 Edwin James (b.1871)
Brother's #2 Child #8 Martha Anne b.1872
Sister's #1
Sister's #2
Sister's #3
Brother's #3


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1841 1870 (USA) 1880 (USA) 1900 (USA)


In the 1841 census - Samuel can be seen as a 16yr old Cotton Weaver, living with family at Ainsworth St. Ardwick. Manchester.
His younger brother John, a Scavinger ... most probably at the same mill.
I've not yet been able to find out much about Samuel's "bride-to-be" Mary Williams but I believe we will soon be able to prove that this copy of the 1841 Census shows Mary at home with parents and a sister Hannah. In the 1851 Census, I have only been able to find one Mary Williams BUT ...the jury's still out on whether this is the right one !!!

Samuel and Mary were married on January 23rd 1853 at The Cathedral Parish Church of Manchester.



On the Marriage certificate Samuels address is 76 Birch Street.
Although, as can be seen, the actual 1851 census paperwork had been damaged, we had long since worked out from the available information that this was indeed the correct Statham family and the address matched - 76 Birch Street in Ardwick, Manchester.
Two children came along, John Samuel in 1853 and then George Henry on the 6th November 1855. Samuel and Mary at some time decided they would be emigrating to America
The following link shows a Samuel Statham travelling from liverpool in 1856 and apparently on his own. Until proved to the contrary, I am happy that this is "our" Samuel. The most likely explanation was that he went out first to check out all the rumours of "...the land of opportunity" etc. to work and earn the money to send for his wife and two children. As he appears on a list that only seems to list the "saints" (i.e Mormon followers ), we can only assume he was undecided about becoming a Mormon . . but he appears to have changed his mind. If you search for Mary Statham - she isn't shown - I've assumed that this is because she didn't travel with the Mormons for the first part of her journey.


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In December 1858 Mary and the 2 children set sail from Liverpool on the ship St.James - Arriving in New Orleans on the 17th Jan 1859.



Samuel and Mary were finally re-united and began their trip across America.
Although Mary and the two children arrived in 1859 - It wasn't until 1862 that they finally started the long journey east.
Mary Elizabeth was born late in 1859 but unfotunately died 3/4 through the Wagon train journey in August 1862
In one of the letters back to his family in the UK, there's a sentence: " . . . what with the Indians and the mormons, it's enough to keep your skelp".
We can safely infer that they weren't Mormons, although they had used Mormon funds to help finance the trip. They appear on the following list:


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The following link confirms that Samuel, Mary and the 3 children set off from Florence, now a neighbourhood of Omaha, Nebraska on the 1st August 1862. There were around 500 people making this Ox-train Journey - arriving in Salt Lake City on the 5th October 1862.


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The following link is an extract from the diary of William Ajax. He was on the same Wagon Train as Samuel,Mary & children.



The following link shows some details from the Newspaper DESERET - reporting the arrival.



When my Dad, Harry Statham, died in 1983, we found some very old letters, apparently passed down through the generations.
The oldest of these letters, 24th April 1893 , is from James Edward Statham, Wellesville, Cache County UTAH. In the letter, James is trying to trace his Uncle John by writing to his last known place of employment.




By having a look at "Uncle John's" page, we can see through the various census records that it's possible he was a long-serving employee and still at Heywood,Higginbottoms in 1891.
Whether he was still working there or not, the letter obviously found John as we have evidence of replies and it eventually ended up with us.
These letters, and the growing availability of information on the 'net', prompted me to start this WebSite in an effort to discover more about the "American Branch" of our STATHAM ancestors.
But We need to go a little further back to put together a picture of this family in earlier years.
The next letter from Wellesville is dated 28th May 1894. We don't know exactly what was written from England, but it's not difficult to see that John & family back in Manchester, were not happy with their situation and must have asked for some assistance to help them make the same journey to America in an attempt to escape their poor situation.