George Statham (b.1851)

 Date of Birth  1851 ( ? Jan )    Spouse  
 Place of Birth  Ardwick M/CR    Child #1  
 Date of Death      Child #2  
 Place of Death      Child #3  
 Father's Name   Jonathan Bridges Statham      
 Mother's Name   Rachael Lever      
 Brother's Name   Samuel Statham (c 1824)      
 Brother's Name  John Statham (Jnr) (c 18**)      
 Brother's Name  Thomas Statham (c 1833)      
 Sister's Name   Mary Statham (1840 - Q1)      
 Sister's Name   Emma Statham (28/10/1841)      
 Sister's Name   Elizabeth Statham (b1843)      

Although not clear, it's evidently George that just manages an appearance in the damaged 1851 census details.
In 1861 he's a 10year old and listed as a scholar. Nothing found yet for 1871 census.