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By: Kevin Statham


John Statham (Jnr)

... our Great Great Granddad

Date of Birth c1831 Spouse
Place of Birth Withington (Manchester) Child #1
Date of Death Child #2
Place of Death Child #3 Thomas Statham (c.1860)
Child #4 Mary Statham (1861)
Father's Name Child #5 Samuel Statham (c.1863)
Mother's Name Child #6 John Statham (c.1865)
Brother's Name #1 Child #7 Frederick Statham (1866)
Brother's Name #2 Child #8 Emily Statham (c.1869)
Sister's Name #1 Child #9 Joseph H. Statham (c.1872)
Sister's Name #2 Child #10 William Statham (c.1875)
Sister's Name #3
Brother's Name #3


early steam locomotion
Click on picture for more information relating to early steam locomotion.


John Jnr. shows up in all the Census records from 1841 to 1901 (except 1851). We know he was part of the family in 1851 but when you look, there is evidence of flood damage to the records which has meant that just 3 of his siblings are shown - Emma, Elizabeth and George.
? . . . why the picture of the old steam train . . . well, I just wanted to show the technology of the time !!


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