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UK - SALFORD branch

By: Kevin Statham


John Statham

Date of Birth Circa 1864 Spouse
Place of Birth Ardwick, Manchester
Date of Death possibly 1892
Place of Death
Father's Name
Mother's Name
Sister's Name #1
Sister's Name #2
Brother's Name #1
Sister's Name #3
Brother's Name #2
Brother's Name #3
Sister's Name #4
Sister's Name #4
Brother's Name #5


We can see this John as a "Scholar" in the 1871 census, a "Mechanic Slider" in 1881 and still at home with his widowed father in the 1891 census. I believe his birthday is in the 4th Quarter 1864 as I've found a Registration @ Chorlton Q4 1864 8C page 512 - but I've not seen a Birth Certificate yet. Just what happened next I've yet to find out. There's no trace in 1901 census - ? did he die, emigrate or just not bother with the census ?? I think I've found the answer as there is a death recorded @ Chorlton Q4 1892 Aged 28 Ref: 8C page 500 - One day I'll send for these certificates to check.
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