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By: Kevin Statham


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We are Bruce, Kevin, Andrew and Christine (now an ashworth)

picture of the 4 of us

picture taken about 1956/7

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DadHarry Statham 1919 - 1983
spouse - Eleanor McGarr
GranddadHarry Statham 1897 - ****
spouse - Ethel Greenhalgh
Great GranddadFrederick Statham 1866 - ****
spouse - Annie Arundel
Great G' GranddadJohn Statham 1832 - ****
spouse - Margaret Snell
Great G' G' GranddadJohn Statham c1798 - ****
spouses - Mary Bradshaw / Rachael Lever
Great G' G' G' GranddadJohn Statham c 1771
spouse - Sarah Kersley
Great G' G' G' G' GranddadPeter Statham c 1745
spouse - Elizabeth Bridges
Great G' G' G' G' G' GranddadSamuel Statham c 1719
spouse - Ann Rigby