Rachael Lever
Married name: Rachael Statham

 Date of Birth   c1811    Spouse  Jonathan Bridges Statham
 Place of Birth      Child #1  Mary Statham (1840 - Q1)
 Date of Death  1st Qtr 1853    Child #2  Emma Statham b.28/10/1841
 Place of Death  Registered Chorlton 8c page 368    Child #3  Elizabeth Statham (b1843)
       Child #4  George Statham (1851)
 Father's Name  Peter Lever      There were three older children by John's first wife Mary Bradshaw.
 Mother's Name        
 Brother's Name        
 Brother's Name        

Rachael ( sometimes spelt Rachel ) was this John Statham's second wife
Unfortunately we can't see much in the 1851 Census due to some 'technical' difficulty with the original records. Rachael died in the early months of 1853.