Jonathan Statham

 Date of Birth   1771    Spouse   Sarah Kersley
 Place of Birth   Ardwick, Manchester    Child #1   Peter Statham
 Date of Death   9th Sept 1824    Child #2   William Statham
 Place of Death      Child #3   Joseph Booth Statham
       Child #4  Jonathan Bridges Statham
 Father's Name  Peter Statham 1745 - 1821    Child #5   John William Statham
 Mother's Name  Elizabeth Bridges 1749 - 1839    Child #6  Peter Kersley Statham
 Brother's Name      Child #7   Hannah Bridget Statham
       Child #8  James Statham
       Child #9  Elizabeth Statham
       Child #10  Samuel Statham
       Child #11  Henry Statham
       Child #12  Sarah statham

Records show that Jonathan was Christened on the 8th December 1771 - Actual birth date not known.

All the information here has been extracted from records submitted by LDS members to the International Genealogical Index.
. . . and further detail / corrections supplied by Sharon Statham Reeves to whom I am extremely grateful.