Sarah Kersley

 Date of Birth   1773    Spouse  
 Place of Birth  Ardwick, Manchester    Child #1   Peter Statham
 Date of Death   2nd March 1817    Child #2   William Statham
 Place of Death      Child #3   Joseph Booth Statham
       Child #4  Jonathan Bridges Statham
 Father's Name  William Kersley    Child #5   John William Statham
 Mother's Name  Betty Travis    Child #6  Peter Kersley Statham
 Brother's Name      Child #7   Hannah Bridget Statham
 Sister's Name        

Church records show Sarah being Christened on 7th February 1773.

All the information here has been extracted from records submitted by LDS members to the International Genealogical Index.
. . . and further detail / corrections supplied by Sharon Statham Reeves to whom I am extremely grateful.