Morris John McGarr

 Date of Birth  25th July 1884    Spouse   Elizabeth Gill
 Place of Birth   Aggra, India    Child #1   Catherine McGarr
 Date of Death   1965    Child #2   Dorothy McGarr
 Place of Death   Urmston, Manchester    Child #3   Joan McGarr
 Father's Name   Joseph McGarr    Child #4   Eleanor McGarr
 Mother's Name   Johanna Ward    Child #5   Elizabeth (Betty) McGarr
 Brother's Name   Joseph Thomas McGarr b. 25/02/1878    Child #6   Ann McGarr
 Sister's Name   Johanna Catherine b. 24/10/1881    Child #7   Morris McGarr
 Sister's Name   Isabel Ellen b. 25/10/1888      
 Sister's Name   Mary Elizabeth b. 16/2/1891     Correct dates needed  
 Sister's Name   Christina Mary b. 16/12/1892    for the above !  
 Brother's Name   John James b. 12/01/1895      
 Brother's Name   Francis Joseph b. 02/12/1897      

Morris first appears in a UK census in 1891 as a 6 yrs old scholar. His name was incorrectly spelled as Maurice.
At 16, in the 1901 Census, he is described as a servant at an (incomplete) address in Chapel Stile. It also says that he is a
"Bootmaker". With the head of the household, Mr.Henry Stables being a Bootmaker & Cycle dealer,
we can assume that Morris learnt his trade here.