Johanna Catherine McGarr

 Date of Birth  24th October 1881    Spouse  Robert Irwin
 Place of Birth   Dum Dum, India    Child #1  John Joseph 1902
 Date of Death      Child #2  Edwin
 Place of Death      Child #3  Harry 1912-1941
 Father's Name   Joseph McGarr    Child #4  Johanna Catherine Irwin
 Mother's Name   Johanna Katherine Ward    Child #5  Victor
 Brother's Name   Joseph Thomas McGarr b. 25/02/1878     Child #6  Wilfred
 Brother's Name   Morris John McGarr b. 25/07/1884    Child #7  Robert
 Sister's Name   Isabel Ellen b. 25/10/1888    Child #8  Fred
 Sister's Name   Mary Elizabeth b. 16/2/1891    Child #9  Francis
 Sister's Name   Christina Mary b. 16/12/1892    Child #10  Agnes
 Brother's Name   John James b. 12/01/1895      
 Brother's Name   Francis Joseph b. 02/12/1897      

25/11/2007 ...our thanks to Darren Smith for contacting with additional information.