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By: Kevin Statham


Johanna Catherine McGarr

Date of Birth 24th October 1881 Spouse
Place of Birth Dum Dum, India Child #1
Date of Death Child #2
Place of Death Child #3 Harry 1912-1941
Father's Name Child #4 Johanna Catherine Irwin
Mother's Name Child #5 Victor
Brother's Name Child #6 Wilfred
Brother's Name Child #7 Robert
Sister's Name Child #8 Fred
Sister's Name Child #9 Francis
Sister's Name Child #10 Agnes
Brother's Name
Brother's Name


25/11/2007 ...our thanks to Darren Smith for contacting with additional information.

Johanna Catherine McGarr was married to Robert Irwin in 1901
Official records show that they marrried in the 4th Quarter. Kendal. record 10b page 1269
This Robert Irwin is a grandson of William Irwin ( The Cumbrian Fiddler )
...Now there's a coincidence !!

More details about this to follow - when I've worked it all out !