Johanna Katherine Ward
Married name: Johanna McGarr
Johanna Ward - picture extracted from Family Wedding photo

...not 100% if this photo is correct ....yet!

 Date of Birth  8th June 1857    Spouse  Joseph McGarr
 Place of Birth  Simonstown, South Africa    Child #1  Joseph Thomas McGarr b.25/02/1878
 Date of Death      Child #2  Johanna Catherine b. 24/10/1881
 Place of Death      Child #3  Morris John McGarr b. 25/07/1884
 Father's Name   John Ward    Child #4  Isabel Ellen b. 25/10/1888
 Mother's Name      Child #5  Mary Elizabeth b. 16/2/1891
 Brother's Name      Child #6  Christina Mary b. 16/12/1892
 Brother's Name      Child #7  John James b. 12/01/1895
 Sister's Name      Child #8  Francis Joseph b. 02/12/1897
 Sister's Name        

If you have any details or corrections that you could share with us ...then we would be very grateful.
I cannot find any evidence of Joseph, Hannah or the two youngest, John and Francis in any 1901 Census records.