James Arundel
 Date of Birth  c 1836    Spouse #1   Esther Walker c1833
 Place of Birth  Rothwell, Yorkshire    Child #1   Jane Arundel c1856
 Date of Death      Child #2   Louise Arundel b1860
 Place of Death       Esther died in Sept. 1862  
       Spouse #2  Sarah Rigg
 Father's Name   John Arundel 1800-1877     Child #1  John William Arundel b1865
 Mother's Name  Hannah Hellitt 1808-1880     Child #2   Anne (Annie) Arundel
 Sister's Name  Sarah Arundel b1828     Child #3   James Arundel b1870
 Sister's Name  Emma Arundel b1830     Child #4   George Edward Arundel b1872
 Brother's Name  Thomas Arundel b1832     Child #5   Harry Arundel b1875
 Sister's Name   Hannah Arundel b1841     Child #6   Arthur Arundel
 Sister's Name  Elizah Arundel b1839    Child #7   Ellen (Nellie) Arundel b1879
 Brother's Name  Henry Arundel b1843     Child #8   Minnie Arundel b1881

I was only able to find James' 1841 & 1851 census records with the help of Brian Arundel ...many thanks !
You will see that the spelling of the surname was the reason I couldn't originally find these records.
James joined the Lancs Constabulary in March 1861. The death of his first wife caused him to resign but he re-enlisted within a few months.
Click on the LINK below to see his official Police records ...with information on a rather ignominious end to his career !
In 1911 James can be seen living with his eldest daughter Annie at 9 Bridgewater Avenue, Salord.