William Irwin

 Date of Birth  3rd November 1822    Spouse  Dorothy Greenop
 Place of Birth  Keswick Cumberland    Child #1  John Irwin
 Date of Death  2nd June 1889    Child #2  Robert Irwin
 Place of Death  Elterwater, Westmorland    Child #3  Mary Irwin
 Father's Name  John Irwin    Child #4  Ann Irwin *
 Mother's Name   Ann Ivison    Child #5  Eleanor Irwin
 Brother's Name      Child #6  William Irwin
       Child #7  Thomas Irwin
       Child #8  Alfred Irwin
       Child #9  Dorothy Irwin
       Child #10  Edwin Irwin
       Child #11  James Irwin

Would you believe it !!...in the course of the usual searching for long-lost unknown ancestors I've come across a real-life Character with a capital "C"
I don't know why we didn't know. I have no idea why we were never told. But here we have:


Click on this link www.harbourtownrecords.com/boatirwin for the full details.
An article by Greg Stephens of The Boat Band ( Harbourtown Records )

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