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Edward Gill

Edward Gill

Edward Gill


Date of Birth 9th September 1848 Spouse
Place of Birth Lowwood, Colton. Lancs Child #1
Date of Death 6th May 1892 Child #2
Place of Death South Africa ( see below ! ) Child #3 William Gill. born 11/11/1877
Father's Name Child #4 George Gill. born 08/09/1879
Mother's Name Child #5 Ann Irwin Gill. born 02/03/1881
Sister's Name #1 Child #6 Elizabeth Gill. born 24/04/1884
Brother's Name #1 Child #7 Hannah Gill. born 20/04/1886
Sister's Name #2 Child #8 Eleanor Gill. born 18/03/1888
Child #9 Sarah Gill. born 11/05/1890


My Mum ( Eleanor ) always told us that her Grandad Gill was in South Africa, prospecting for gold....and it was there he was murdered for his riches by an 'acquaintance'. That same person was reported to have returned to England ... "a wealthier person !!"

We first see Edward in the 1851 Census as a 2 year old. In 1881, he is shown as an Iron Miner that fits with the gold mining story!


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Birth Marriage 1851 1881 Gravestone Edward Gill


Edward & Anne's Gravestone at St.Andrew's Church, Coniston
Edward & Anne's Gravestone at St.Andrew's Church, Coniston


Edward Gill
Edward Gill