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By: Kevin Statham


Louisa Greenhalgh
Married name: Louisa Owens

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Date of Birth 1874 Spouse
Place of Birth Salford Child #1
Date of Death Child #2
Place of Death Child #3 Gladys c1898
Child #4 Doris b1901
Father's Name Child #5 Arthur b1902
Mother's Name Child #6 Cyril c1905
Child #7 Lily c1907
Child #8 Hilda c1909


All Louisa's brothers and sisters details are listed on Charles + Hannah's pages.

In the 1881 census, we can see Louisa with her family at 47 Sidmouth Avenue, Salford.
I struggled to find her in the 1891 census BUT am now certain that her name was mis-spelled as Louise
and we can see her as a 17yrs old domestic servant at 207 Oldfield Road.
The reason I'm confident that this is the correct person is not just the age match but also her parents are now just 5 doors away at 197 Oldfield Road, - and to me that's too much of a co-incidence.
Then in the 1901 census Louisa is with her new husband and 4 children - Doris having just been born 1 month before the census date.



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Arthur Owens ( born 20/06/1902 ) Married Josephine (aKa Josie) Travis.
There were 2 children:
Kathleen Owens: (24/8/1931 - 7/10/2003) Who had 3 children: Karen, Peter and Clare.
Norman Owens: (1928 - 2009) who also had 3 children: Christopher (aKa Kit ), Martin and Paul.